Founder / President

Dave has been involved in the North American environmental industry for over twenty six years, with an emphasis on solid waste management.  With eight years government employment experience in the Provincial (Ontario) and municipal (Markham) sector as well as almost ten years in the corporate (The Clorox Company (GLAD) Ltd.) in regulatory and government affairs, he is able to assess opportunities and constraints from both sides of the table with a balance understanding of public / private policy.  He possesses a solid understanding regarding the technicalities of solid waste along with the socio-behavioural considerations of the general audience and stakeholders.  Dave’s extensive project management experience and hands on involvement in developing and implementing residential and corporate sustainability and EPR / IPR stewardship compliance obligations have proven invaluable.  Dave received a BA in Environmental Studies (1988) from Trent University.


Fostering relationships and developing resource networks have been fundamental aspects of Lucy's career through various roles in the construction, health, employment and not-for-profit sectors. She gained an in-depth understanding of waste and recycling issues (that's a nice way of saying she's been up to her elbows in garbage), working for the Recycling Council of Ontario. Since 2011 she has contributed her knowledge of stewardship and extended producer responsibility (EPR) requirements to various clients on behalf of VisionQuest Environmental. Lucy takes pride in discharging her obligations in a changing legislative landscape with accuracy and discretion. Her super-hero alter ego is "Queen of Google"... if it's out there, she will find it and will navigate clients to solutions via the most direct possible route. When she's not trying to save the world, Lucy can be found hiding from it behind a tub of popcorn in movie theatres around the GTA.