Leader in Waste Diversion, eWaste and Stewardship Programs

Human beings are the only species on Earth that create a bi-product (waste) that is not entirely consumed or returned to the environment in a natural state.   At VisionQuest Environmental Strategies Corp. we strive to provide environmental leadership for a sustainable and waste free future that closes the loop and minimizes our impact on our planet.  To ensure the vitality and health of our natural eco-system we must integrate practices that balance consumption with sustainability – this we owe to our future.
For almost ten years, VisionQuest Environmental Strategies Corp. has been providing leadership and guidance to private / public sector clients across North America with an emphasis on the development and implementation of initiatives to maximize the diversion of solid waste from landfill.  Through the development of solid waste diversion strategies, sustainable building practices (green roof systems), corporate stewardship / extended producer responsibility (EPR) obligations, we continue to push the envelope forward – one day closer to Zero Waste.  
We provide clarity to the complexities of solid waste management.  Our expertise ranges from waste management to waste reduction and diversion.

In 2005, VisionQuest Environmental Strategies Corp. was established by Dave Douglas.   Having spent seventeen years working in the public and private sector specializing in policy and program development towards solid waste management diversion strategies, Dave founded the company to take waste diversion to the next level through the melding of leading edge technology and adaptation to human behaviour characteristics.

To date, we have influenced and guided countless municipalities across North America to move forward with leading edge programs for a multitude of materials including recyclables, food & yard organics, e-waste, pharmaceuticals and the green roof industry.   Numerous clients have been recognized as the best of the best and industry leaders.

Our private sector (corporate) clients have also been acclaimed and received accolades for developing and implementing sustainable practices that surpass regulatory obligations and benchmark requirements.

Our attention remains on triple bottom line strategies that capture social, environmental and financial performance. 

Our extensive industry network and contacts that transcend across government (Federal, State, Provincial, municipal sectors) across North America combined with our solid relationships within the corporate sector serves to facilitate strategic relationships that foster win-win solutions.