VISIONQUEST ENVIRONMENTAL STRATEGIES CORP. - TECHNICAL PRESENTOR AT SWANA Northern Lights Chapter / Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council Waste Re2014 Forum Co-Conference) - Solving the Puzzle Together (May 7-9, 2014, Regina, Saskatchewan).

SWANAPR1Advancement of Source Separated Organics Diversion - Residential Sector - North American Update presentation provided insight into the program drivers for source separated organics (food) diversion programs in the residential sector.  Stakeholders ranging from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Canadian provincial and municipal governments, centralized composting facility processors and collectors, equipment suppliers and accredited organizations were all addressed in the comprehensive overview.

Regina, Saskatchewan - VisionQuest Environmental Strategies Corp. official (Dave Douglas) presented to an audience of solid waste industry professionals.  Over two hundred professionals in the solid waste & recycling industry from across the Canadian prairies and Northern Canada attended this world class event.  Attendees were provided with key considerations that a municipality should follow from the design and implementation of a pilot scale collection project to a full scale program.  
"Thank you once again for speaking at the SWANA / SWRC Conference.  The conference was a great success thanks to all of the great presentations and speakers!" says Sheila Reithmayer, SWANA - Northern Lights Chapter.

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 SWANAPR2Joanne Fedyk, Executive Director - Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council and Dave Douglas, President - VisionQuest Environmental Strategies Corp. view the exhibitor booths at SWANA Re2014 Forum.
Dave Douglas, VisionQuest Environmental discussed debagging equipment utilized in material recovery facilities with Chris Seymonds, Sales Manager - Western Canada, Machinex Recycling Services at the SWANA Re2014 Forum.

Dave Douglas explains e-waste recycling strategies and internal computer components to delegates at Re2014 Forum.

Orbis official (Tom Buttons) and Dave Douglas discuss the implementation of residential source separated organics collection programs across Canada with the inclusion of GLAD Compostable Liner bags.

Delegates were treated to an evening of fascination at the Regina Science Centre during the Welcoming Reception of Waste Re2014 Forum.


Christina Seidel, Executive Director - Recycling Council of Alberta and Dave Douglas, President - VisionQuest Environmental Strategies Corp. attempt to surround themselves in a giant soapy bubble at the Regina Science Centre at the conference Welcome Reception.