The Pet Food Association of Canada - Fall Conference (November 2013)

November 8th, 2013 (Montreal, Que) - The Pet Food Association of Canada - Fall Conference  held at the Faimont Queen Elizabeth Hotel included a presentation by VisionQuest Environmental Strategies Corp., entitled Ensuring Your Compliance with Provincial Packaging and Printed Paper Stewardship Programs across Canada.


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The Pet Food Association of Canada (PFAC) is an industry associaton comprised of pet food manufacturers and companies that supply materials or services to the pet food manufacturing industry.  With a goal to be the central resource for members related to industry issues, PFAC members were provided with a comprehensive overview of existing packaging and printed paper (PPP) corporate stewwardship progams including Stewardship Ontario, Eco Enterprises Quebec, Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba and Multi Material British Columbia.  In addition, attendees were provided with an overview of the newly formed Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance (CSSA).

PFAC Dave at podium making presentation

VisionQuest Environmental Strategies Corp. President - Dave Douglas, presents an overview of Canadian PPP corporate stewardship programs to an audience of over one hundred PFAC members.




Attendance was fantastic with over one hundred attendees participating in the 2013 conference.   Sponsorship support from Rothsay Biodiesel, ADM Alliance Nutrition, Alltech Canada, Caldic, Peel Plastics Products Ltd., Premier Ag Resources Ltd., The Peterson Company and  Wenger.

PFAC AGM 2013 sponsors

The presentation by VisionQuest Environmental Strategies Corp. provided guidance to enable corporations to assess whether these corporate stewardship programs were applicable to their individual companies, what they have to do if they are and how to do it.

PFAC Dave  Marty Wilder

Dave Douglas pictured with Martha (Marty) Wilder, Executive Director - Pet Food Association of Canada.


PFAC 2013 AGM sponsors.