Richmond Hill Multi-Residrential Ewaste Partnership Strategy - Poperty Managers in Richmond Hill learn how to implement a local program in their buildings (December 2013)

VISIONQUEST ENVIRONMENTAL STRATEGIES CORP. - AN INDUSTRY LEADER IN MULTI-RESIDENTIAL E-WASTE DIVERSION STRATEGIES. Property Manager in Richmond Hill learn how to implement a local program in their buildings.

RICHMOND HILL, Ontario - VisionQuest Environmental Strategies Corp. official (Dave Douglas) presented multi-family (apartment) Property Managers from across Richmond Hill with an electronic waste (e-waste) collection and recycling partnership opportunity with a leading North American e-waste company - Global Electric Electronic Processing (GEEP) Inc.


With over seventy multi-residential apartment building containing more than 8,000 units, Richmond Hill, Ontario is experiencing one of the fastest growing housing boom in North America. Located in the centre of York Region, just north of Toronto, the population has grown to over 180,000 residents with many new residents moving into high density apartments. Richmond Hill officials are focusing a high priority on the diversion of residential solid waste through their GoingGREEN program with an overall diversion rate of in excess of 67%. While multi-family units offer a great opportunity to increase the diversion of waste from landfill, they present many challenges that must be overcome - not the least being the need to ensure that residents are offered with easily accessible programs to maximize participation and overall material capture.

E-waste represents an ever increasing segment of the residential waste stream, including items such as televisions, computers, cameras, printers, radios, cell phones, video game consoles, scanners and stereo components.

Representing GEEP Inc., a global leader in e-waste diversion programs certified under the Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES) program, VisionQuest Environmental Strategies officials interact closely with municipal officials across Canada to design and customize applicable programs that meet the needs of the local community. "As no two municipalities are exactly the same, it is important to thoroughly research and collaborate with local stakeholders including municipal officials, Property Managers and local organizations to formulate a solution that addresses specific opportunities will overcoming local challenges - this is the essence of success" says Dave Douglas, President of VisionQuest Environmental Strategies Corp.

We are pleased to have initiated an e-waste collection program at 145 Essex Road, managed through York Region Housing, a multi-family building with 140 apartment units. The building offers controlled access and security for in-door storage of residentially generated e-waste, while providing easy accessibility for regular pick-up and container swap-out for downstream processing, two key program design priorities. Through a revenue share program, funds are provided back to the participating building ensuring an economically feasible program and a win-win solution. Municipal officials and Property Managers across Canada are encouraged to contact VisionQuest Environmental Strategies Corp. officials to pursue similar programs to divert e-waste from multi-residential buildings in their communities.

Jan2 1Photo: Courtesy of Sundeep Virdi. VisionQuest Environmental Strategies Corp. President Dave Douglas presents an e-waste partnership strategy program with Richmond Hill Property Managers.



Jan2 2Photo: Courtesy of VisionQuest Environmental Secure access and building accessibility is key to the design of a multi-dwelling e-waste collection program.





Jan2 3Photo: Courtesy of VisionQuest Environmental Strategies Corp. Mackenzie Green (145 Essex Avenue, Richmond Hill) a 140 residential unit offers residents a convenient in-house e-waste diversion program to successfully divert electronic waste from landfill.



Jan2 4Photo: Courtesy of VisionQuest Environmental Strategies Corp. A bin containing e-waste material including televisions, computer hard drives and stereo equipment is ready for pick-up and downstream recycling at GEEP Inc.