Visionquest Environmental Strategies corp. - CWRE YMCA (Greater Toronto) Green Roof Tour (November 2014, Toronto).

Toronto, Ontario – As part of the Canadian Waste & Recycling Expo 2014 VisionQuest Environmental Strategies Corp., on behalf of client ThermaGreen Environmental facilitated a pre-expo delegate tour of the YMCA (Grosvenor Street, Toronto) Green Roof.   Approximately forty conference delegates from across Canada participated in the educational and hands-on event.

Photo credit: Alex Versluis

In 2009, with a $250K donation from TD Bank Financial Group the YMCA of Greater Toronto proceeded with the design and construction (Natvik Design Inc.) of a green roof that incorporated a former running track.  The incorporation of the rooftop vegetation provides users with an aesthetically pleasing surrounding that provides numerous eco-benefits like vegetation, reduced storm water runoff, energy efficiency, and a decrease in radiated heat.  The roof holds 100 cubic yards of growing medium, to a depth of 6”, with over 1800 plants in the waiting beds, including Little Bluestem grasses, Lance-Leaf Coreopsis, Black-Eyed Susan, Upland White Aster, Wild Onion and Wild Chives, Blue Spruce and Dragon’s Blood sedums and Side-oats Grama.
Officials from Toronto based ThermaGreen Environmental Services (Division of E.F.Walter) provided participants with a detailed presentation including a technical overview of how their patented ThermaGreen  manufacturing and recycling technologies of post-industrial foam products are remanufactured into high performing products and solutions for civil engineering and environmental applications, using cross-link polyethylene foam. Benefits include environmental management, materials procurement and landfill diversion.


Leading applications include green rooftop gardens, eco (floating) islands, sports field turf replacement (Sportlite), playground underlay for impact shock absorption.  Superior product qualities include buoyancy for stable floating infrastructure; enhanced drainage & hydrostatic pressure diversion, insulation (thermal R value 5.85 / 2 “), geomembrane protection, physical / chemical properties that are non-toxic, decay & mould resistant and does not decompose.

Photos:  Heather Bradley, Inside Sales & Technical Support, Blu Alexander, Director of Business Development, Susana Guedes, Director of Marketing – ThermaGreen Environmental, present to the CWRE tour participants. CWRE tour attendees.

The Canadian Waste & Recycling Expo is the premier event in Canada for waste & recycling professionals representing the collection, hauling, disposal services, C&D, consultants, engineers; facility & site operators, IC&I, landfill operators, manufacturers with waste streams, property managers, recycling coordinators federal, provincial and municipal governments and industry associations.
VisionQuest Environmental Strategies Corp (Aurora, Ontario) is a leading Canadian consulting firm providing environmental leadership and support to corporations and public sector clients for a sustainable future with a primary focus on solid waste management diversion.