Australia and New Zealand - Waste Diversion Programs and Areas for Future Growth

This report concentrates on existing residential waste diversion programs in Australia and New Zealand, as well as new programs and the potential for future program implementation (as of September 2012).  Recycling and residential yard collections have long been integral elements of waste diversion in both Australia and New Zealand.  More recently, solutions have been explored for expansion into food waste collection in order to increase diverted material tonnage as well as to meet diversion goals at a municipal and national level.
The major findings of this report include investigations of existing programs in the largest cities by population across both countries.  In addition, trial programs such as residential source separated organics (SSO) were documented as well as their success or issues which were encountered on an individual municipality level.  National programs and initiatives were also explored in order to gain a complete understanding of support and existing research availability.
Many opportunities exist to expand or create new residential waste diversion programs.