“I found the 2016 Tip-of-the-Iceberg: Textile Diversion & EPR Symposium to be very informative and helpful in moving textile diversion forward. As a manager in the municipal waste management industry, I found one of the key take-home messages of the symposium to be that low-quality textiles can still be recycled.  I will keep this and other tips I picked up in mind when promoting textile diversion and when planning a potential textile diversion program in my own municipality.”

Greg Preston, M.Sc., B.Sc.(Env.)

Manager of Waste Management
City of Orillia

“The Textile Diversion & EPR Symposium was a worthwhile venue that brought together like-minded stakeholders.  The presentations and group discussions gave some much needed context to a complex topic.  Looking forward to the next symposium to further my understanding of challenges and champions”.

Vivian De Giovanni | Supervisor – Program Development
Solid Waste Resources | Infrastructure, Development and Enterprise

City of Guelph

The inaugural Tip-of-the-Iceberg: Textile Diversion & EPR Symposium (TOTIES) in 2016 provided attendees with excellent, well-informed speakers who shared their knowledge and experience in diverting textiles.
The day was well organized and the location was very convenient.
I am looking forward to the next TOTIES and listening to and learning from more speakers with other experience in diverting textiles, as well as updates by speakers from the inaugural symposium.

Karyn Hogan, BA, MLIS, MA
Specialist – Waste Reduction and Reuse
Waste Program Planning
Regional Municipality of Peel

“As a York Regional Councillor who is recognized for environmental protection and conservation, I was impressed by the TOTIE Symposium last year (May 2016). The VisionQuest Symposium as led by President Dave Douglas makes a solid case for removing textiles from the municipal waste stream and reinvesting in responsible recycling."

Regional Councillor Brenda Hogg

Town of Richmond Hill, Ontario August 25th, 2017